Remarketing or retargeting refers to the act of delivering targeted ads to those people who have already visited your website. In technical terms, it is the process of using a JavaScript tag to place cookies in a user’s browser. The added to keep informed of the marketing platform to provide specific display ads through an ad exchange based on the pages and websites that the user has frequently visited.

Re-marketing helps promote a product to users who are already slightly interested in the product; this creates better chances of being sold and famous.

Benefits of Remarketing Ads

There are various benefits provided by remarketing ads provided, so it is a widespread phenomenon in the E-commerce industry. It increases ad relevance, nudges interested clients and more.

  • The funnel – Ecommerce is a funnel with different levels. The first one is visiting a page, showing ads, adding an item to a cart and lastly, purchasing it. Remarketing ads to a user who has recently left a website will nudge them to take a step down the funnel.
  • Improved conversion rates – Once a user is one step down the funnel, there are higher chances of successful conversion rates.  
  • Relevant ads – Remarketing ads increases the relevance of as that is shown to a user. When added with personalisation, remarketing roadies user-specific ads, which is helpful for both customers and businesses.
  • Improved brand recall – Remarketing ads help create reminders for your brand. They are a fantastic tool for improving the reminding prospects of your brand.
  • Audience targeting – Remarketing ads with a touch of personalisation not only create relevant ads but also helps in targeting an audience that is specifically interested in your products.
  • Brand engagement – Remarketing ads also help in increased brand engagement by showing interested users specific advertisements. 

How to do remarketing of Ads

Remarketing can be of different types such as display, search, video, dynamic etc. There are options in google ads remarketing like standard remarketing, cynic remarketing, video remarketing, remarketing for mobile apps and more.

 The most crucial step would be to choose your audience; after all, you will be targeting them. Choose which visitors you wish to target.

The selection of the audience you wish to target can be made in various ways, such as the page visited, time on site, geographic targeting, demographic targeting, and more.

Set-up remarketing codes

Either create a Google Analytics account or change settings in your pre-existing account by clicking on the remarketing button in the data collection section.

Then create and add a code for remarketing the audience based on the number of times they visited your page or on time sent on your website. 

For example – You can set up a code for people who visited your page 5 times or for those who spent more than 10 minutes on your page etc.

Create remarketing ads in Google Ads

Bringing to your straight from the google support age, here is how you can create your remarketing campaign-

Step1. Sign in to your Google Ads account

Step2. Choose campaigns on the menu page

Step3. Click on the plus button.

Step4. Choose a campaign goal from the option “Goals.”

Step5. Select display as your campaign type

Step6. Choose a name for the campaign.

Step7. Specify location, language, bidding and budget

Step8. Select “automated” so that google can learn and help in optimal targeting 

Step9. Create display ads and make them responsive

Step10. Click create campaign

Create Custom Combinations 

You can create custom combinations for specific audiences for optimal remarketing. To do this-

  • Go to google ads account
  • Go to remarketing
  • Choose custom combination
  • Build a combine based on app users, customer lists, video users
  • Create the variety and save

Choosing Experts at SEO India

The process described above is just the tip of the iceberg called remarketing ads. There are hundreds of custom combinations that big businesses use; they use frequency capping, combination testing, and so much more.

More significant business or experienced ones are better at this because of the division of labour based on skills. They create teams of skilled members who are excellent at their jobs.

Let’s say you are a small business for handmade bags. Now you design the bags, choose the fabric and the zip/button, stitch them, coordinate orders and deliveries, and on top of that, you decide to do remarketing single-handedly.

Such a person would either be low on sleep or passion. So instead of doing everything on your own, employ proficient businesses such as SEO India.

SEO India will take care of remarketing of ads for you. We shall create custom combinations, put frequency ads, allow you to choose your target audience and more. 

SEO India will make remarketing ads a breeze. Our expert team will fulfil all your wishes. Choose us and relax.