Google Maps is a consumer application that Google widely offers. It is a web mapping platform widely used by people. It provides satellite imagery, street maps, aerial photography, 360° interactive panoramic views of streets, and various real-time traffic conditions. Google maps also provide people route planning for traveling by air, car, foot, and through different transportation. It also gives you the location of the specific place you want to reach. This is used by over 1 billion people every month. Google now supports every business through its Google Maps.


Google maps cover over 220 countries and territories. This is a boon to your business as Google maps helps in fast connectivity. Hence the business growth is guaranteed. We at SEO India help you connect to Google Maps with correct procedures and help you add various features that can supplement Google Maps’ work.

Benefits of Google Maps

Google Maps is an excellent weapon for your business as it can show the presence of your business. Google Maps can help establish your targeted customers where you are located and hence helps in building reliability among the customers.

Google Maps tell the people where your office is located, its opening and closing times can also be seen, and Google also adds various other features to make your business known to the people.

The Google maps inform the people that there is an availability of some services and products in a particular location or place. So if you also want your business to reach a broad audience, get yourself attached to Google Maps and its services.

Google Maps and Marketing

Google map is an excellent tool for various marketing purposes. Do know that your competitors are also there on Google Maps. So this map is not for looking for locations only, but there is more to it. So come to SEO India and find what Google Maps can do for you on the professional front.

Google Maps marketing is a combination of various tools and various other resources that are widely available. With this, you can optimize your presence on Google Maps. This can make your Google Maps helpful in earning profits.

Marketing Strategy

  • To optimize your business on Google Maps, you will have to follow various key steps like updating a relevant photo or your services or your products. This makes google understand your business and can also make the people know about your business.
  • If you want to boost your local sales through Google Maps Marketing, you have to add photos and images through the phone. Google considers mobile uploading as a positive event. This helps indicate to the various users that customers are contacting your business, hence displaying the topmost position in Google Maps results.
  • To be in the leading display position on Google Maps, all you need is the various positive reviews. This helps to earn the golden snippet near your particular business name.
  • In case you are managing your various PPC ads through Google AdWords, You will be happy to hear that you can promote your particular business on Google Maps too.


This seems a very tedious task, so come to SEO India and receive timely help from us. We are a company working day and night to provide you with various services, and one of our famous services is setting Google Maps.

Google Local Maps SEO

The primary factors that influence Google Local Maps SEOs are

  • Whether or not the company’s Google My Business page is correctly verified with the business.
  • The domain authority also plays a significant role.
  • The volume and average rating and various reviews on the Google My Business Local page also make a vast difference.
  • The proximity in which the particular business is located concerning the centermost point of the specific city or geo-target.
  • How the specific citation is mentioned on the company site and whether or not it is correctly linked to the specific google My Business Page.


On this basis, your ranking differs. A good Google Maps SEO is essential for a local business as you are entering a vastly competitive market full of competitors that may be in this business on a broader level already.

Why SEO India?

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