Sandbox recovery is a belief that Google has a certain filter that helps in placing all the new websites under a certain amount of restrictions for a certain period of time. This Google does to prevent these sites from ranking in the various searches.

The idea behind this is that the newer websites have entered the market for the first time, and giving them such an opportunity to rank no. one is not a good idea as they may not be as relevant as the older and more professional websites. So Google wants these websites to gain more maturity and experience to get rewarded for being ranked.

Google neither denies nor confirms this news, but this has become a fact with time. Our company SEO India will help you resolve this issue at a low cost.

How to confirm if your website is in the Google Sandbox

Google will not give you any notification stating that your site is Sandbox’ed. So this task is left on you to search for the relevant information and whether your website requires Sandbox recovery. Google Search Console can help you make this knowledge discovery and make your website recover from this issue in a few minutes of time. 

Our company can help you with this issue and will help you to solve this issue. So you have to rest assured for sandbox recovery if you are availing of our company’s services.

Go to search traffic, and from there, go to the analytics tab and check your multiple pages. Then check for the reasons for low traffic for the various main keywords. If your site is not ranking for the main keywords, there is something messy with your site, and hence it may be put under a sandbox.

The next step involves going to all of your pages and then checking whether everything is ok or not. By reaching this step, you may be confused now. Don’t worry; we are with you. We will do everything for you and will check your site in-depth. Our company has a professional staff with years of expertise and hence can complete this work within minutes. Hence saving your resources, time and money.

How to recover from Google Sandbox Effect?

1) We will help you to check for other penalties due to which your website may be Sandbox’ed. You may be doing not-so-white-hat SEO. For this, we will check the algorithmic penalty for you. Then we will also check any manual penalty put for you. Then we will help you to recover from these penalties.

2) We will help you get rid of the over-optimized content. There should be five focus keywords for a total of 1000 words. So do not exhaust your website with the use of too many keywords and unrelated use of them. Make your text sound relevant and natural.

3) Try to create a high quality of content that can be very relevant also. For this, we will help you to find relevant search topics and will give you advice on how to write and how many words to include. This is a skilled task and requires a high level of knowledge. We are the company that you are always looking for.

4) Removing various harmful backlinks can help you a lot.

5) Improve the thin content, merge, and delete. Content auditing is the key to getting various website traffic on your website and also helps in sandbox recovery. 

6) The next step is to get Google to re-crawl the page. For this, go to Google Search Console and then click on the option of crawl and fetch Google, then paste the URL of the page and then select on Render and fetch and there you are ready to go. We will help you get this task done very fast and with a high level of accuracy. So don’t get scared by seeing the large no. of confusing steps. Contact us now and get your misery resolved fast and easy.

Our company SEO India will help you get this task done very quickly and easily. We are the market leaders and hence solve every problem within seconds. Our team consists of dedicated and talented staff who work day and night to give the best services and timely assistance. Trust us and believe our company for anything or everything. 

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