Today ads play an important role in attracting buyer’s attention. It helps in creating awareness as well as motivates the buyer to invest in the products. Display advertising is a kind of method used to attract the various viewers and audience of the website, other digital mediums, a social media platform to take up action. These advertisements are video, text or image-based that helps in encouraging the various users to click through the multiple landing pages and then take up considerable measures. The intent is mainly to make purchases.


These online and display advertising campaigns are mostly charged based on a cost per click (CPC) basis. Cost per Click (CPC) means that you are charged a certain sum of money whenever a search engine user clicks on your ad, depending upon your bidding strategy. These kinds of ads can also be used for retargeting people. So whatever your need is, our company SEO India will help you set your display ads at affordable prices.

Different Forms of Display Ads

1. Banner Ads

When an ad pops up on the top of the website, then that’s a banner ad. These are always presented in the form of a banner.

2. Interstitial Ads

These ads popup before the users are directed to the original page which they requested.

3. Rich Media

These ads show a mix of interactive elements, namely audio, video and various other clickable elements.

Benefits of Display Ads

– Reach

The Google Display Network (GDN) helps you access millions of sites from your Google Ads account. Worry not; we are there for you.

– Diversity

The display ads are available in many different shapes and sizes. Hence it is a diverse platform for the users. You can present them in large no. of formats. This means that you can easily choose the format in which you want your ad to be. Hence our company can do this task for you and help you achieve the desired goal.

– Targeting

Targeting is very important as This helps in meeting the intended goals. The GDN’s extensive reach helps to target the right kind of audience by various means, like placing the ads on the correct type of website. There is a good amount of geo and demographic targeting, along with the different specific interests of the target audience.

– Analytical

You can easily track all the clicks, conversions and impressions very easily with the help of Google Ads. Our company SEO India can help you achieve this. Google Analytics can also help in achieving this goal of tracking the performance very well.

Display Ad Strategy

The starting point is the goal strategy. Across all formats, it is noticed that the average CTR is 0.06%. The strategy, therefore, depends upon the goals that you set. The common goals should be:

  • Building the awareness and the brand value in the minds of the potential buyers or consumers.
  • Generating various valuable leads by attaching the different lead magnets.
  • Attracting various abandoned customers/users with the help of various professional retargeting methods.
  • Nurturing multiple leads with the use of the buying process.

Therefore display ads must be used to build awareness for the brand and hence helps in fostering loyalty. Our company SEO India will help you in achieving this task. Our company has helped thousands of people achieve their goals successfully in a limited period. Our company has helped many startups and big business houses achieve their sales goals with the help of display ads.

The running of display ads may seem easy, but it is a complicated process. This is the reason why you must consult a professional like us before running your display ad campaign.

How to measure the display Ads

Display Ads can be measured with the help of various tools, but tools can only give you an overview; if you want to know the insights and in-depth reports trust our company for this.

We can help you in measuring your ads with the help of impressions. This metric helps calculate the number of times an ad appears on a given website, and hence we will use the click-through rate to measure the performance. If the impressions increase, then we can know that the ad is reaching a broad audience.

We will check the conversion rate for you. This is a critical metric. A low conversion rate points to generating a low amount of traffic and shows the landing pages’ inability and means that the landing pages are not well optimized. We will help you fight this issue and fix the problem for you in very little time.

On this basis, your ranking differs. A good Google Maps SEO is essential for a local business as you are entering a vastly competitive market full of competitors that may be in this business on a broader level already.

How SEO India can Help!

Are you ready to run a display Ad right now? Go nowhere and come to our company and receive professional guidance. We are the market leaders. We have a customer base of thousands of successful businesses. So worry not and contact us now.

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