What is Yelp Listing?


Yelp, as we all know, is a social networking site that is popular for reviewing local business ratings. People wishing to invest in a particular business can easily refer to the user ratings on sites like Yelp, and can choose their favored business partner accordingly.

While it is a popular international site for reviewing business services, there were recent speculations about its presence and performance in the Indian territory. Nevertheless, it turns out that Yelp as a review posting service, is available in India and, we at SEO India are here to help your business gather revenue by providing one such review posting service.

Yelp Listings for business

Why are there so many businesses, companies, ventures, firms, and startups, so focused on being listed to Yelp? Yelp offers distinct advantages to its users, let us understand how. 

  • If you want to gain practical knowledge and understanding about business and startups, then your most probable go to option would be Yelp. The very first answer to why Yelp marks an important business presence is that it has been a reliable and convenient customer choice for ages, and it helps maintain the foundation of trust amongst the viewers, with positive reviews. 
  • It provides a one to one platform for your clients to interact. So, if you continue to serve them with excellence, they generate more positive reviews, which becomes a credible source for information for your next client. 

Since the reviews come from someone who has used and monitored the services of your business, it is hard not to rely on them. 

  • It gives you a chance to represent your business at the online platform. Yelp not only allows users to write reviews, but it also allows businesses to observe, interact, and respond to those reviews and comments. 

The way you receive feedback and respond to them are considered by the users, and it becomes a statement of the integrity of your business. Therefore, sometimes not only the reviews, but also your responses might attract customers to invest and collaborate with your business. 

  • Negative client feedback may act as a way for you to improve your business workings. Negative feedback and one star ratings sure do hurt, but they also provide you with a chance to modify your strategies and techniques. 

Acknowledging and accepting client reviews is significant in the sense that it helps you give an edge over your competition, and perhaps outshine them. 

  • According to a recent research study, Yelp has an average usage of 142 million members monthly, and it is said to have a powerful impact on google SEO results. Therefore, making a Yelp positive online presence is the need of the hour, especially for small and local businesses. 

Yelp Listing services: Why choose us?

Wondering how to get listed on Yelp? It is not as difficult as it sounds. You can get a Yelp appropriate online presence with a good SEO optimization company that takes care of your business needs and assists you towards the profit you desire. 

We at SEO India, understand the vitality of getting positive ratings on popular review posting sites like Yelp, and that is why we are here to make a successful attempt at helping your business take a big leap through the medium of varied Yelp features. 


At SEO India, you would find an abundance of experienced markers and SEO analysts, who are here to help you identify your business goals. Making a strong impression on Yelp is definitely important, but we like to start from square one. 

Our team of dedicated members interacts with your business and go through your business plan to list out, identify, and elaborate major goals of your company. This helps us get a comprehensive understanding of what your business majorly represents.

Once we know what your business goals are, we narrow the approach down to recognize your Yelp business goals. Our team has a thorough understanding of the most used Yelp tools, like making calls, requesting a quote, clicks on websites, and we align that understanding to create a perfect blueprint for your local business.


We engage in creating appropriate accounts for your business, and authenticate the information as per your requirements. Further, we also work to arrange verified moderators, who help add credibility to your business account, and maintain a professional, accountable, and updated profile throughout. 


Environment appropriate actions are those that comprehend the ongoing situation and have affected masses of people widely. One such situation is the presence of coronavirus. 

We take into consideration how a responsible growing business would respond to such a situation, and make adequate changes accordingly. One example could be ensuring safety measures, posting banner messages, and adding suitable tags (like, according to users), to name a few. 


Conclusively, our foundational aim is to personalize user experience for your customers, and the best way to do so is to optimize the business listing. Once we help you optimize the business listings, it would attract users of varied goals, interest, and tastes to your business page, helping your website get greater traffic.