Google My Business - Local Listings

Google local listing is also known as Google My Business. This lets your business show up in different search results when the audience is looking for you online. Google launched the platform in the year 2014.

The platform helps you in getting thousands of impressions per month. This is an excellent platform for boosting your business presence and hence helps you in gaining good number of leads. Ultimately resulting in increased profit and sales or whatever your business goal may be. Google local listing helps you achieve your business goal and lets you get vast viewership for your business.We can help you with that, our company is the professional of this field and helps you in every possible way.

Why do you need a Google My Business Account?

1. Be Easily Discoverable 

The world is going digital; hence you will need a Google My Business Account to be discoverable as traditional Search is significantly less nowadays. People are always on the lookout for shops and businesses online. So Google ensures that when anyone is looking for your company on Google Maps or Google Search. Your company pops up immediately.

This also helps ensure a proper SEO so when anyone searches, you are shown on page 1 and not on any other page or page 2. The Account also provides you a link to analytics so that you can tune your paid and unpaid strategies for advertising. So if you want your business to grow, then come to SEO India and rest assured for timely and needful assistance. 

2. Keep the various Customers Informed

The Account helps to inform the customers about the business and also supplies them with contact details. This Account also helps the people make their businesses’ working hours known and make the other information known to the customers. Google My Business vastly allows you to keep your customers informed about your businesses’ details so that there is no danger of misinformation.

3. Building Trust Over Internet & Clients

The customers are 70% more likely interested in visiting the businesses attached to the Google My Business listing. The trust portion is also very high for such companies. Hence essentially forming authenticity in the minds of the customers. It is estimated that due to the high trust and authenticity factor, there are 38% more chances for people to visit your particular store, and there are 29% more chances to buy from you.

Google My Business also provides the customers’ reviews, hence building a sense of security in the target audience’s minds.

Steps to Set up an account on Google My Business

  • The first step is to sign up for Google My Business. You can also sign in with the help of your pre-existing Google Account, or you can also create a new account.
  • Then enter your business location for validation.
  • Then fill in your contact details.

These are bulky and tedious guidelines hence seek professional advice from SEO India. We are market leaders and one of the most trusted service provider. We can also help you by verifying your Account. There are several ways to verify your Account. We will follow the most suitable method for you.

Optimizing Google My Business Profile

We can also help you Optimize the Google My Business Profile. For this first, the profile information must be complete. Then you can stand out with the help of the photos. We will help you to post your additional photos, basically showcasing your business intend and motive.

Next, we will help you to post the latest updates, news, and various special offers. This is a goal dependable source. These updates help you drive sales and help you encourage visits to your digital or even physical store. 

Next, we will help you in adding attributes and various special features. This is the most crucial step that many of the account holders miss. Hence come to SEO India and see your business reach the zenith with the help of our experienced and well-qualified staff. We are the market leaders helping thousands get help from Google My Business.

We can give you insights into encouraging various customers to leave a review for your business so that you can gain credibility and hold accountability. Consumers nowadays are quality conscious and only buy when they get a review from another customer.


To get help from Google My Business, you have to contact us and rest assured of our timely service. SEO India always stands behind its promises no matter what. We are the best service providers and market leaders. Hurry, you can call us now or can even drop a message; our team will contact you. We are delighted to help you.